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What We’re Packing for a Week Away

March 2, 2020

What We’re Packing for a Week Away

March 2, 2020

Disclaimer: We are not expert packers when it comes to packing clothing for ourselves. We almost always over pack. But, we’ve been learning and have come up with a list of a few musts for ourselves. Here is what’s worked for us so far.

Shop your closet

This can take some planning in advance, which if you’re like us and procrastinate, it can be challenging. Go through your closet and pick out some of your staples that you know your comfortable in. Try them on, see how they fit, and what other pieces have to go with them.

Recently, I just went through and tried on a few of my favorite shorts to make sure they fit me and then interchanged a few tops with them.

Sometimes in doing this, especially when it’s from clothes from a different season, you realize that something has a hole, doesn’t fit anymore, or has just simply seen better days.

The biggest benefit of going through the clothes you already have is that its budget friendly. Save some of your extra spending money for your trip!

Pick clothing from a similar color scheme

This isn’t hard for us since most of our closet is all basics and neutral colors. But it has been helpful for me to lay out outfits and see if they go with multiple tops and bottoms or layering pieces. I just put together these three outfits for our upcoming trip.

Pack some good layering pieces

We are about to go to Florida for spring break with our kids (so excited ). The days are looking warm but the evenings and mornings might be a little chilly. Pack a cardigan or layering piece that will go with almost anything in your bag.

I have one very similar to this one from LOFT.

A denim jacket is another good option. Goes great over a T shirt dress or really any sundress for that matter!

Shoes, the hardest part. Right?

Shoes are the hardest part, right? Wear a pair of shoes on the plane or in the car that are good walking shoes. I cannot understand traveling in uncomfortable shoes. Sara loves her Dr. Scholl’s slip ons. I tend to wear sneakers that I want throughout the week but take up room in my suitcase. If you pack similar style outfits and colors you can get away with less shoes!

See above image. All three outfits could be worn with the same pair of simple black sandals.

Some things we’re loving!

Here are some of our more recent purchases and things we’re bringing along with us to Florida.


We’d love to hear your tips for packing so we can keep improving! Comment below!

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