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The Stagecoach Inn Bed & Breakfast in Cedarburg, WI

June 17, 2021

The Stagecoach Inn Bed & Breakfast in Cedarburg, WI

June 17, 2021

Arrive as a guest, leave as a friend.

When we were invited to come spend a weekend at the Stagecoach Inn, we were honored to be asked and excited to get away, but we didn’t have any other big expectations. This weekend in Cedarburg was going to be one of our first weekends away without our kids in over a year, so we didn’t really care what we did, we were just happy to get away. We decided to make the weekend a girls weekend, and our friend Cortney was able to join us.

We had visited Cedarburg a couple times in the past and had a great time so we were excited to go back. The first time we went, we were college seniors and it was winter. The second time we went during one of Cedarburg’s festival weekends, the Wine and Harvest Festival, which was fun but a very different experience.

We checked in Friday evening right around the 3pm check-in time. Before we even entered the front door, we were taken aback by the charm of the Inn. The building is from the mid 1800s and has been maintained in all the best ways. There are leafy vines lining the exterior walls of the inn, beautiful flowers spread out through the outside, with a historic, yet, modern feel. We got particularly excited when we saw the back parking lot all set up for live music later in the evening. It was obvious that there was a lot of thought and care put into setting up the back deck area to make it feel quaint and inviting, We knew we’d be ending up there both nights (more on this below).

As we entered we were greeted by the inn keeper and the owners, Anne and Bill. Every single staff member was incredibly friendly and helpful throughout the entire stay. The Inn keeper showed us to our rooms with a quick tour of the Inn.

The Inn has a total of 10 rooms. Some rooms have multiple beds and all rooms have their own private bathrooms. The interior rooms have an antique feel but were incredibly clean and well-kept. Given the layout of the Stagecoach Inn, we thought it would be a great place to rent out for a family and/or friends reunion. We had rooms 7 and 8 during our stay but before some guests had checked in we were able to peak in other rooms that looked just as nice. Room 8 was a nice big room with extra sitting space that was convenient when we wanted some downtime at the Inn. The Inn has only a one-night minimum stay, which is sometimes all you need for a couples getaway or girls night. That can be hard to find other places.

There are so many things to say about why we loved our stay at the Stagecoach Inn, that it seemed easiest to list them all out for you.

Some of our favorite things about the Stagecoach Inn:

Above all else, the hospitality was unbeatable. The slogan for the Stagecoach Inn is “arrive as a guest, leave as a friend.” We 100% felt this while we were visiting. We said it earlier, but it is so true, every single person we encountered was amazing, friendly, and accommodating. The owners, Anne and Bill, were some of the most genuine and nicest people we’ve ever encountered. It was so apparent that they love what they do and that they care about their guests and the experience their guests have.

Despite being an older building, it was nice and cool. We visited on a very hot weekend with temps in the 90s and we never got hot. The rooms even had fans you can plug in for extra airflow.

Soft sheets! The sheets and bedding were so soft and comfortable. We had plenty of towels, and there were extra pillows available as well.

The Inn was so clean and well cared for.

The Pub and live music.
In the summer months, there is live music every Friday and Saturday from 7pm-9pm outside. With the “Music off the Deck” there is a table-service bar, so you can have a cocktail or beverage of choice while enjoying the show. There is also a pub named the five20 Social Stop, located inside the Inn on the main level that has very cozy, intimate vibes. It would be so fun in the cooler months to have a drink in there. They even supplied games in the pub

Location, location, location!
The Inn is in the perfect spot in Cedarburg and walking distance to everything! We didn’t use our cars at all after arriving at the Inn which was a huge bonus. In general, Cedarburg is very walkable with almost everything being on one main street, Washington Avenue, with a couple small side streets directly off Washington Avenue.

Continental Breakfast.
There is an elevated continental breakfast with pastries, fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, etc. We enjoyed eating our breakfast at the Inn on Sunday morning and reminiscing about all the fun we had over the weekend.

What we did while visiting the Stagecoach Inn and Cedarburg

Per usual, we found plenty to do during our two-night stay. As we were leaving we all talked about how we could do one more night in Cedarburg visit a couple places we hadn’t gotten to.


Friday night we had dinner at Brandywine which is about a block away from the Stagecoach Inn. Brandywine was a little more upscale than the other places we dined at while in Cedarburg. We shared a bottle of wine and sat out on the charming patio. Many of the dishes from Brandywine have local ingredients. We shared the rhubarb desert and the rhubarb was fresh form our server’s garden. We enjoyed our dinner here! Recommend!

Fiddleheads Coffee
Saturday morning we got coffee at the Inn but then headed a couple blocks down Washington Avenue to Fiddleheads Coffee. We enjoyed a coffee and breakfast sandwich from here before doing some shopping.

Java House Coffee
We also made a stop at The Java House on Sunday morning before heading out of town. This is a cute coffee shop with a walk-up window and yummy “breakfast sammies.” It is right on the main street (Washington Ave).

Frannie’s Market
We didn’t exactly eat here but Sarah from Frannie’s Market was kind enough to send a charcuterie box over to the Stagecoach Inn for us to enjoy. Frannie’s Market is a block up the street from the Inn and sells specialty foods and provisions for entertaining. We devoured the charcuterie box on Saturday afternoon. It was the perfect mid day snack to have, allowing us to relax back a the Inn. We stopped in Frannie‚Äôs on Sunday and left with some goodies.

Charcuterie Board from Frannie’s Market

The Stilt House
Saturday evening we enjoyed our dinner at The Stilt House Gastro Bar. We loved the casual vibes and tree covered outdoor patio along the river in Cedarburg. The craft beer list was long and we each enjoyed some tasty specialty cocktails from their menu. The bruschetta was so good! Definitely recommend this as a place to stop for dinner!

Lime Cantina
We just stopped here for a quick snack on Saturday. We had some yummy chips and salsa.

Walking through downtown Cedarburg

Washington Avenue is lined with cute boutiques and gift stores. Browsing stores like these, is a favorite past time for the two of us, haha.

Cedarburg is so great because everything is centrally located and easy to navigate. We enjoyed just walking up and down the streets. Cedarburg in the evening is pretty cute as well! There is a cute park and bridge right off Washington Avenue along the river. We stopped here to sit and chat. Cedarburg usually has various events happening. There was a an event called Plien Air occurring while we visited.

Birchwood Wells
We knew we wanted to revisit Birchwood Wells, a beautiful home store. We each got ourselves a couple little accents for our homes, but we want our entire house to look like this store!

We also stopped in Bohemia for some of Cedarburg Threads apparel.

All in all, we highly recommend a visit to the Stagecoach Inn Bed and Breakfast in Cedarburg, WI. You won’t regret it! We will be back soon!

*This stay was hosted by the Stagecoach Inn Bed and Breakfast. All opinions and thoughts are our own.*

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