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Gap + Old Navy Activewear Outfits for Spring

April 21, 2021

Gap + Old Navy Activewear Outfits for Spring

April 21, 2021

One of my favorite places to grab some casual, basic pieces at the beginning of the seasons are Gap and Old Navy. (I also love Athleta – just didn’t find much this time). All three stores are owned by the same company so the nice thing is that shipping can be combined, along with a easy returns by mail! I find that the sales are best online versus in store, but they do vary so keep an eye out for the best prices.

This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission from your purchases at no cost to you. We will only share products we use and love ourselves, and the opinions are our own.

Love a good collection of casual mix & match pieces!

Ideally, the clothes I’m wearing out and about with my kids on a regular day would be outfits that transition easily from home to out in public. Some days, we may start with a grocery store run, then a hike or bike ride with the family, and finish with grabbing dinner and drinks on the way home – so I like to be dressed for it all. The pieces below are interchangeable and most can be dressed up somewhat with a jean jacket, some jewelry, a good handbag and some nicer shoes.

For size reference, I’m 5’8″ — I love ordering from Gap, Old Navy, and Athleta because many styles come in a “tall version” which I will list underneath the photo. At times, their tops tend to run shorter than I like, so the “tall” option gives me the longer torso length I need and feel comfortable in.

Favorite Mix & Match Casual Pieces

The two pairs of shorts below are my absolute favorite versatile short from Old Navy. I’ll wear them hiking, over a swimsuit on the beach, or on a Target run. The top photo are the 3″ inseam, but the bottom photo shows the 5″ inseam for a little extra length. I find these shorts to fit true to size in a small (I’m anywhere from a small-medium). These shorts are thin and lightweight, quick-drying and feature functional pockets. No matter how many times I wear these, my husband says “are those new? I like them”. 🙂

V-Neck Tank (size XS Tall) | Shorts 3″ inseam (size S) | Flip Flops (size down)
V-Neck Tank (size XS Tall) | Shorts 5″ inseam (size S) | Flip Flops (size down)
Pullover hooded sweatshirt (size XS) | Shorts 3″ inseam (size S)

Next up, these shorts come in a close second! A similar material to the above shorts, they’re also thin and lightweight with a nice drawstring waist and zippered pockets. The dolphin-hem detail adds a little extra too. This is an outfit I’d easily be able to wear all day for nearly any activity!

Tank top (size S Tall) | Shorts (size S) | Birkenstock sandals
Crewneck sweatshirt (size S Tall) | Shorts (size S) | Birkenstock sandals
Lightweight hoodie (size S) | Shorts (size S)
I’ve had this top for 8 years and they still make it! Love it.

When you’d prefer some lightweight pants, these joggers are a perfect option! They’re actually the same material as my favorite maroon 3″ and 5″ Old Navy shorts above. They’re so light and comfortable.

Short-sleeve top (size XS) | Joggers (size S) | Birkenstock sandals

Lastly, leggings are a staple in my wardrobe. Everyone has their favorite brands and styles of leggings – I like to have affordable options since my style preferences change often! When I’m on the go, a side pocket is important to stash a phone and this slim wallet. A basic tee or tank is easy to throw on, along with a long-sleeve layer if needed.

Short sleeve tee (size XS) | Leggings (size M)
High neck tank with shelf bra (size S Tall) | Leggings (size M)
V-neck tee (size XS) | Leggings (size M)
Tie-back Tank (size S) | Leggings (size M)
V-neck tank (size XS) | Leggings (size M) | Flip Flops (size down)
Long sleeve tee (size S Tall) | Leggings (size M) | Flip Flops (size down)

Thanks for bearing with me on this newbie try-on session! If something is out of stock or not on sale, check back frequently as I find that sizes are often being added or promotions vary. Below are some of our other favorite summer items for adventuring out:

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