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Spring Entryway Décor

February 17, 2021

Spring Entryway Décor

February 17, 2021

For some reason, I feel the need to always preface anything I share in my home with, I’m not an interior designer or a home blogger. However, if you’re like Sara and I, and buy the majority of your home décor at Target, you might find this post useful.

This affordable mirror is the perfect size and shape

In case you missed it, this spring we updated our entryway with some board and batten and a new light fixture, but I hadn’t gotten around to styling it until this winter. Well, now I just changed out some of the décor for spring and summer.

The wall above the board & batten was a little challenging – I knew I wanted a mirror and some small shelves for decor, but wasn’t having much luck with the right size or shape. This mirror recently came into stores and it’s the perfect size, shape, and very affordable!

We added these hooks right near the front door for coats, dog leashes, and any other thing that needs to be hung up. We have always had hooks by our front door and I don’t think I could ever go without them!

We DIY’d our bench but here are some other ones both Sara and I have been liking!

Link to Arched Mirror Here: Over the Mantle Mirror

I personally don’t have a lot of shelf space in my house and with little kids I don’t decorate end tables much so, these small shelves give me another small space I can decorate without having to fill too much space.

(Buy inserts one size larger than pillow covers for a fuller pillow)


Our mirror is sold out right now, but here are links to other similar mirrors:



The light fixture might be my favorite part and is on sale today

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