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Creating & Styling Photo Displays

October 6, 2019

Creating & Styling Photo Displays

October 6, 2019

Hello – Sara here! I am a self-proclaimed photo ledge addict and am here to show you a few of the ledges in my home. I’ve recently had a few friends asking what to do in their home to fill a large wall and I almost always resort to some sort of picture display. It’s all personal preference but I love to fill my home with photos and memories instead of art. Since I was young, I loved displaying pictures all over my bedroom, school locker, dorm room, Instagram account, and nearly every room in our house.

I’ve had many of these frames for several years, but can similar styles can be found pretty much anywhere. My favorite places to buy frames are Target, Michael’s, and Pottery Barn because you can usually find the same style frame in various sizes. I know some people love to mix and match different frames but I’m someone who needs symmetry and cohesiveness. I also only buy matted frames – just a personal preference. The trick with grouping photos is that the pictures need to be of similar style – you probably wouldn’t want to mix a really bright saturated photo with a muted-tone matte finish photo. When in doubt, convert to black and white!

This photo ledge fills a large wall in our living room that is also a frequently used walkway. It is narrow so it doesn’t stick out too far which was important in this space. Justin and I made this ledge ourselves using this tutorial from Magnolia’s website. It’s just as easy as it looks!

My ledge is 5′ in width and used the following size photos in matted frames:

  • 5 x 7″ horizontal, 8 x 10″ vertical, 4 x 6″ vertical, 5 x 7″ vertical, and 4 x 6″ horizontal
Portrait photography by Alexa Kate

Next up is a ledge in our bedroom. This was purchased many years ago from Pottery Barn but looks like they still sell a version of it called the Rustic Wood Ledge (they also have a matching wood shelf, which I also own and can recommend!). Mine is the 4′ ledge in the Mahogany color.

Totally normal to display pictures of your dogs in the bedroom, right?

Another set of photo ledges is in our basement and something we also DIY’d. There a are a million tutorials for floating shelves on the internet but we wanted something super simple here. We just used 2×6 boards and drilled pocket holes on the top of the shelf (you can plug and fill the holes but we just covered them with photo frames) with long wood screws through the wall and into the exposed studs on the opposite unfinished side of the wall. If and when we move some day, I’ll have a million billion holes to fill in our walls!

DIY Floating Shelves

Shop some of the frames seen in this post:

Katie and Travis also DIY’d a large floating shelf in their living room to fill a huge wall. This shelf is much deeper and can handle the weight of her seasonal decor, and probably a kid or two. They used this tutorial from Shanty-2-Chic. Her shelf dimensions are: Length 62″ x Height 5.5″ x Depth 12″

DIY Floating Shelf in Katie’s living room
Garland and lantern – Red Barn Company Store, “Gather” sign – Countryside Refind
Wool pumpkins – the Homestead at Lynndale Farm
Frame display in Katie’s hallway – Pottery Barn

Hope this can give a little inspiration to your big, open walls! Here’s a few frames that are similar to what I’ve used and loved. They all come in a variety of different sizes and frame colors:

Pottery Barn – Wood Gallery Single Opening Frames
West Elm – Thin Wood Gallery Frame
Target – Thin Single Picture Frame and Threshold Single Picture Frame
Michael’s – Belmont Frame by Studio Design
Ikea – variety of different frame styles

A friend of ours also just purchased this Frame Rail to make a photo gallery wall in her living room a- it’s super versatile, as she can switch out the art and signs. Here it is at Christmas:

Looking for suggestions on choosing outfits for your family photos to create the right look for your walls at home? Well you’re in luck, because we have a post on “Choosing Outfits for your Family Photos” right here!

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