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Our New Normal – Pandemic Life at Home

March 20, 2020

Our New Normal – Pandemic Life at Home

March 20, 2020

Like everyone else in the world, we’re trying to adjust to our new normal. Husbands are working from home, kids are off school, vacations were cancelled, and all our plans for the next month were wiped off the calendar. With a blog that focuses on family life and adventures, it’s honestly felt like a chore to even come on and write anything. We’ve got a few posts in draft stage from pre-pandemic, which we’ll share when the time feels right.

It’s funny how sitting a restaurant seemed so normal two weeks ago.

As I think many people have, we’re going through all the emotions of annoyance, anxiety, acceptance and planning, and then back to the very tense feelings of the unknown ahead. Sometimes all of these emotions throughout a single day. We do believe there will be a greater good in all of this – if nothing else, it’s forcing us to slow our normally busy lives to an almost complete halt and take stock of what is important and spend time together at home.

So. Much. Coffee.

One week ago, we were supposed to be boarding a plane and spending a week in Anna Maria Island, Florida for our spring break. This was a trip we booked a year ago and looked forward to ever since. As the trip approached, the news continued to get worse and our anxiety continued to rise. We spent Wednesday evening in Katie’s living room with a bottle of wine and talked for 3 hours about what we should do. Mind you, this is when things were bad but not as bad as they are now.

Bags were packed and everyone was ready to go…

After circling around and around, we all came to the conclusion that we knew what the right thing to do was and we just had to accept it. Rental vans were cancelled (free cancellation thanks to Costco Travel!), hotel reservations were cancelled (thumbs down to the Marriott for charging us the full amount), our flights were cancelled and credited to our account (we love you, Southwest Air!), and our vacation rental was cancelled (lost money here too – don’t want to / can’t think about it). The kids had been prepped in advance that the trip may not happen, so they weren’t totally crushed when we broke the news.

After coming to terms with spending the week at home, things in the world went from bad to worse. We 100% know we made the right decision to stay home, especially with the outlook now. We’re telling ourselves this trip is not cancelled, just postponed 🙂 We have until December to use up our flight credits so… stay tuned!

Not the Florida beaches we had planned to be spending time at, but the kids had fun nonetheless at Devil’s Lake State Park

Fortunately, we’ve had a couple days of spring-like weather and were able to get out and about. Our families headed up to Devil’s Lake for a hike together one day last weekend and Sara’s family spent another day at Gibraltar Rock. You can read more about these hikes in this post. Normally, we like to end our day trips with a stop at a new restaurant for dinner and drinks, but this isn’t “normally” anymore.

The woods at Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area

Living just a few houses away from each other has made this social distancing thing much easier. We’ve both practiced isolation for the most part so feel pretty confident that our little crew of 8 people can get together at times for drinks and games without risking anyone’s health. We’ve played a lot of Rummy 500 and Settlers of Catan and watched some movies, like Free Solo on Netflix. Other than that, it’s just a lot of hanging out at home, group texting with friends, and trying to make the most of this time we’ve got at home together.

Many rounds of Settlers of Catan being played at our kitchen tables together

With that said – we work in healthcare and have a bit of “pre-traumatic stress” as we face the gravity of what is to come in the days, weeks, and months ahead. It has been a bit of the “calm before the storm” for us and we’ve been trying to enjoy our time at home before being called in to work. Hospitals and healthcare workers face a grim future as we try to care for these patients and also keep ourselves and our own families safe and healthy. If you don’t hear much from us in the coming weeks, please know that we’re doing our best and wish the same to you and your families.

And for anyone who needs to hear it — STAY HOME!!

Photo credit @ama_media

We look forward to the future, when this weird period of life is behind us. Until then, we’re still here and hope you’ll stick around for the long haul!

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  • Bev Phillips March 20, 2020 at 1:32 pm

    Love you all so much!

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