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Letter to Santa Printable

December 3, 2019

Letter to Santa Printable

December 3, 2019

Both of us are Christmas junkies. We love the togetherness, coziness, and feelings that the holiday season brings. It is challenging to reign it in when it comes to Christmas, you know what I mean? I think Christmas can get out of control, and I am 100% guilty of contributing to that.

It’s cliche but true- the holidays are a time to just enjoy being with the ones you love and people who mean the most to you. For gifts this year, I’ve tried to be more meaningful when it comes to what my kids receive but they are still very spoiled. We’ve both talked with the girls about how lucky they are and that they have so much as a way of trying to remind them that gifts are not the only meaning of Christmas.

We made this fun printable letter to Santa for our kids to enjoy, and we wanted to share with you all. I always loved writing my letter to Santa along with circling toys in the holiday catalog. This was an easy way to pass on the tradition while staying meaningful in what we ask for.

This letter includes wishes for your child and also what their wishes are for other people.
– Something I want
-Something I need
-Something I’ll wear
-Something I’ll read

Sara got this fun mailbox from Target. We told the girls if they put their letter in the mailbox and we leave it on the front step, then Santa’s elves will come pick it up and deliver it to him.

Here is our copy of the letter to Santa:

What are some of your holiday traditions you do with your kids? Comment below! We’d love to hear from you

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