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Impromptu Halloweekend Party

October 27, 2019
caramel apple bar

Impromptu Halloweekend Party

October 27, 2019

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays – fun for the kids and adults. There is a lot of nostalgia from Halloween as kids (and college life…) so it’s fun re-creating some of the tricks & treats for our own kids.

Halloween 2008

We decided to do an “impromtu” Halloween party for the kids to celebrate Halloweekend. We had talked about a full-blown costume party with all our friends and their kids earlier in the month, but our group of friends has about 25 kids collectively and nobody wants that in their house 🙂 Rather than doing something like that, we kept true to our style of low-key party planning. Sara grabbed 5 half-rotten and picked-over pumpkins at the local hardware store that morning and Katie ordered a bunch of groceries from the online grocery store app and Justin picked up some take & bake pizzas. Here’s what we came up with!

Food and Drink

Witches’ Brew Punch (non-alcoholic)
…although vodka would be a nice addition!

Papa Murphy’s Take & Bake Pizza
the “Jack-O Special” pumpkin-shaped pizza

Jack O Lantern Pizza from Papa Murphys
Jack-O Pizza from Papa Murphy’s

Caramel Apple Bar
all the toppings & fixings for a make-your-own caramel apple bar

Caramel Apple Bar
Moose Munch popcorn, marshmallows, chocolate chips, candy corn & sprinkles

Pumpkin carving

Tips for easy pumping carving with young kids:

  • These pumpkin carving kits are great – the serrated edge scraper gets all the guts out, and the two different sized knives help cut the details. They come in a case that you can easily store until next year.
    Pumpkin Master’s Carving Kit from Target
pumpkin carving kit
  • When cutting the tops out, make sure to angle your knife inward so the top will sit on (apparently some of our friends didn’t know this and had their tops fall in 🙂 Some people also prefer to cut the hole out of the bottom – either way works.
  • Go online and search for “pumpkin carving stencils” and let the kids choose a design. Scale to size and print out, then use an object with a small tip to poke holes along the template outlines (the kit comes with a tool to do this, but we lost our so used a tiny screwdriver instead).
  • LED battery-powered candles. Enough said.
  • Put on loud music for a dance party, since the kids’ attention span will be done shortly after and the adults will end up finishing all the carving!
kids and adults carving pumpkings

Dance party to “rock and roll” music happening in the background – then played some 90’s rap to teach them about our youth.

Kids came back to see their (parents’) finished products!

Hope everyone has a fun Halloween week ahead! It’s supposed to be a HIGH of 40 degrees in Madison this Thursday, so we’re possibly going to do a costume switcheroo into something warm for trick-or-treating.

Classic Wisconsin…
at least there’s no forecast for snow on Halloween. Yet.

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