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Girl’s Night Out: Madison, WI

January 22, 2020

Girl’s Night Out: Madison, WI

January 22, 2020
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Sitting down to write this post, as I just came inside after listening to my son shriek about gloves. Yes, winter gloves, the kind on his hands. You see, these are gloves that I ordered and quickly had shipped (thanks Amazon Prime!) because each morning, he’d cry over his MITTENS because he wanted GLOVES. So now, gloves have arrived, and guess who’s crying because he can’t get his dang fingers in the right spots? So – figured now was as good of a time as any to post about Mom’s Night Out as I sit here chugging coffee and calming down my boiling blood before I head to work, where a whole new set of stresses and issues await! 🙂

We’ve had plenty of trips and wonderful days spent with our kids. They’re usually not without hiccups, meltdowns, or mom freakouts, but for the most part our kids do well. Even the best of moms who have the best of kids still need some time away. While infrequent, we try to get out for some girl/mom time and turn off the part of our brain that is always on alert for a kid needing something.

We’ve got a great group of friends, most of them with kids also, who are usually up for doing something. Shoutout to our wonderful husbands (and babysitters, and grandmas, etc) who help take over so we can get out when we need to! Seriously, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Here’s just a few of our recent girl’s nights (or days) out. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to call up that babysitter and a good friend or two, and get out for some fun alone!

Shopping day in Pewaukee at Lynndale Farms / Vintage Barn Chicks
See this post for more about these great shops!

Balanced Rock Winery in Baraboo, Wisconsin
(Delicious appetizers and beautiful location!)
Balanced Rock Winery in Baraboo, Wisconsin
Spent the morning shopping for Christmas decor and the afternoon drinking wine 🙂
See this post for more about a day in Baraboo with kids

More wine! This is a self-serve wine bar in Waunakee, Wisconsin that recently opened called Red & White Winebar. We went here on a week night when they first opened, and even ordered a pizza to be delivered.

Dinner out with our friend Cortney while she was visiting from Chicago – Katie and I hadn’t tried Grampa’s Pizza before and it was delicious! After dinner, we grabbed drinks at the bar next door called Gib’s.

And of course, coffee. We’ve got a few favorite local coffee shops to grab coffee and brunch at but recently added Ledger coffee, located in the Garver Feed Mill on the east side of Madison, to our list of favorites. Plus, they’ve got Ian’s Pizza and ice cream!

Check out our Instagram account at @gatheringtwigs and watch some of the stories on our “Madison WI” highlights for more!

What are some of your favorite places or activities when you need a break from the kids and/or life at home?

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