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Girls day in Pewaukee, WI

October 1, 2019

Girls day in Pewaukee, WI

October 1, 2019
Lynndale Farms Shopping Center
Lynndale Farms Shopping Center

A favorite way to spend an afternoon with girlfriends for us is to go to the Lynndale Farms Shopping Center located in Pewaukee, WI.  (Pewaukee is about 25 miles west of Milwaukee or 60 miles east of Madison). It’s an easy drive that goes by quickly when driving with friends.  One Friday in September, we went for the afternoon while the kids were in school with some girlfriends for a day away. Also, it was recently Katie’s birthday so that gave us an excuse to go with some other friends who’ve also had recent birthdays (just us trying to justify going shopping).  We got the kids on the bus, loaded up in the truck, stopped at Starbucks for some Pink Drinks and PSL’s, and headed to Pewaukee.

Inside of the Coop

Sara found out about this place from a friend of hers a few years ago. We typically visit the Lynndale Farms Shoppes two to three times per year, usually at the beginning of a different season to look for any new pieces for the home.  Beginning of fall and winter are our favorite times to go. Sometimes, one of us will be looking for something particular, while the other person doesn’t have anything they need but it is still fun to go and smell all the smells, feel all the things and say “this is cute” way too many times.

The Homestead

There are a variety of different shops, all of them are inside old barns on the property or the old farmhouse.  Shops include Vintage Barn Chicks, Roost Mercantile, The Homestead, and The Coop. They are full of treasures mostly from local vendors – the majority is home decor but a few of the stores have some clothing and accessory items. 

When we get to the shops we have a solid routine we follow that we’ve found works best for us: we spend time walking through each shop and scoping out all the items we love but not buying anything yet. Then we do a second trip through for anything we want to buy.  Most, if not all, of the stores have a final sale policy so we like to be sure. Also, there are similar pieces at some of the stores, so this way you can compare items or look for items that pair well together.   You never know what you might find when you walk into the next store.

There is a gluten-free bakery connected to Vintage Barn Chicks called Molly’s Bakery that is open sometimes with yummy cupcakes.  Sara (and her sweet tooth) always makes a stop in there if they are open.

If you are looking for a fun day away, we recommend checking out these fun shops!

This upcoming weekend (10/4 & 10/5) the shops will be included in the vintage shop hop on Friday and Saturday. Would be a great time to check it out!

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