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Getting Organized for Summer

May 13, 2021

Getting Organized for Summer

May 13, 2021

Being on the go in the summer, it always seems like it can take forever to get out the door, at least in my case, so I like to set my self up for success. I don’t have a nice big mudroom, so I just reorganized our hall closet to keep me organized to be on the go this summer. In previous years I always had things in multiple places and closets. This year I decided to make one central landing spot for all the things. Even if you don’t have a closet, I highly suggest creating a space to house everything!

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Step 1: Start Completely over

I completely emptied and cleaned the closet. It was full of winter gear including coats, hat, mittens, even ski gear. I cleared everything out, washed winter coats and packed up our ski gear. (We bought these ski bags to store everything in and they have been great, 10/10 recommend! I think they’d even work great for putting your winter boots and gear in.)

I got some smaller containers to store all our hats and mittens in for the winter, packed them up, and put them down in our basement until next year.

Step 2: Clean

After everything was out. I cleaned the closet by vacuuming and wiping down the shelves.

Step 3: Gather all your summer gear.

After you’ve cleaned out all your winter gear, gather all the things you like to have handy for summer, like your sun screen, bug spray, beach towels, goggles, wet bag, band aids, wipes, masks, flashlights, etc…

Organize and put them all into piles, learned this from the Home Edit. I had a bunch of expired sun screen so I threw that away and made a list of things I still need to stock up on for this year.

I kept my rain coats and light jackets in the closet.

Step 4: Sort.

After sorting everything I put all like items into bins. Sun screen in one bin, bug spray in one bin, flashlights in one bin, etc.. I love my label maker and I used that to label a few things.

Step 5: Organize.

I love these drawers and shelf I bought this winter (I put hats and mittens in them instead of bins). I like the drawers for our family because, previously, I had everything in bins/baskets on a top shelf that nobody could reach and that always just got messy. The drawers make it easy to see and grab whatever is needed, but also makes it easier to put away.

[If you have babies, I would make a drawer just for baby stuff that you might want to have ready. Such as a diaper pouch, wipes, extra cup, etc. ]

Things I still want to add: a swim suit for each kid, a basket of easy to grab snacks, some SPF lip balm, can coozies, and extra sunglasses.

I am going to keep all my beach towels in this closet this year too. I am really excited about the idea of keeping all our things in one spot this summer. I’m not really sure why I haven’t done this sooner!

I have my bags ready for our adventures. (Read this post from last summer about our what we keep in our our “adventure bags”) I hung up our backpacks on hangers on the rack above. I like to have a variety of bags to grab, depending on the outing.

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