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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021

June 11, 2021

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021

June 11, 2021

A roundup of a few tried & true favorites from our husbands. Generally, they’re pretty simple guys who do their research on a product before purchasing and don’t need too many fancy things in their lives. If they endorse something, you better believe it’s good!

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission on purchases made through the links at no cost to you. The opinions are our own and we’ll only share products we use and love ourselves.

Our husband’s favorite things:


ONE :: Vuori Kore Shorts

Nearly every photo or video clip shared on Instagram features our husbands wearing these shorts. We wrote a full blog post a year ago while searching for the “best adventure shorts for the cool dad” and these were the winners. Since then, they’ve added quite a few to their collection and it’s basically all they wear.

The shorts do come with a higher than average price tag (make sure to look for the 20% coupon code!), but even our (extremely) frugal husbands say they’re worth it. The shorts come with a boxer brief-like liner inside, meaning they can skip underwear 🙂 The shorts are casual, comfortable, and have held up very well despite the hundreds of trips through the laundry. They’ve worn them as swim trunks as well, just take a bit longer to dry.

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TWO :: True Classic Tees

Is 20+ t-shirts of the same brand in different colors a problem? Some, like our husbands, would argue no. These tees have held up well (and the couple that didn’t were replaced by the company’s great customer service!) and the softness and fit is the best they’ve found.

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THREE :: Blackstone Grill Station

This is a newer purchase for Katie’s family that gets a lot of use. Travis plans to take it hunting when he heads to Colorado this fall, as well as camping trips and tailgating. It’s great on the deck too on a tabletop for cooking bacon outside when you don’t want to smell up the house. The grill station comes with plenty of additional accessories as well.

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FOUR :: Original Campfire Tongs

What dad doesn’t like sitting by the campfire and constantly “putting more logs on” and then constantly rearranging the wood? These tongs are locally made and sold out of Wisconsin. We discovered these while Sara was at a coworker’s bonfire and love how sturdy they are. The tongs come in several different lengths and there are discounts for multiple purchases.

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FIVE :: Propane Torch

Always included in the packing list whenever there is a campfire available, this propane torch makes lighting the fire super easy. Connect a small propane tank to the torch and get the fire started in no time. This is one of those purchases that will last forever and every man probably didn’t even know he needed it! (Propane tanks sold separately here)

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SIX :: Apple AirPod Pro

Again, the Apple AirPods show up on our list. We used to think these were just a status symbol that every teenager and college kid on campus walked around in until we tried them. We’ve each got a pair of the AirPod Pros and love how easy they are to charge, plus the different audio options like noise cancellation or transparency make it great for many situations. We’re constantly fighting over these with our husbands and would love to get our husbands their own pair soon!

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Another suggestion from the guys? “Lunch beers with a friend”. Apparently that’s all they really want 🙂

If you’re looking for some good outdoorsy products, we’ve got a pretty exhaustive list under our “Camping Supplies for the Amateur Camper“. Even if the dad in your life isn’t someone who enjoys camping, there’s still some good things he may appreciate on there!

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