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Choosing Outfits for Family Photos

October 8, 2019

Choosing Outfits for Family Photos

October 8, 2019

This post contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission at no cost to you if a purchase is made through the link.

We typically have family photos taken in the fall so they can be used for Christmas cards. Just a personal preference, but we don’t usually get too Christmas-y with these outfits so they can be displayed in our home year-round without looking out of place.

Some of our favorite places to shop for clothing for the whole family include:

  • Target
  • Gap and Old Navy
  • Abercrombie (our 30-something selves are loving the comeback!)
  • J Crew / Crewcuts

Some things we consider when choosing outfits:

  • Coordinate – not match! No Awkward Family Photos please.
  • Use your favorite color scheme. Remember that these photos will likely hang on your walls, so look around your home and see what colors you typically decorate with
  • If buying new, choose clothing and shoes you’ll wear again
  • Make sure everyone is actually comfortable their clothes! It won’t look natural if you never wear high heels and dresses but choose them for photos
  • Consider the weather. Sort of common sense, but putting your kids out in the elements in cute, but not practical clothing, will set you up for whining and complaining
  • Look at your photographer’s style – is it dark and moody? Light and airy? Bright, saturated colors? Keep this in mind when choosing a color scheme.
  • What type of background will you have? Is it outdoors in the woods, along a beach, or inside a studio? Utilize your setting to choose clothing appropriate for the location.
  • Avoid the trends. It’ll help keep your family photos classic and not something you’ll look back and laugh/cringe at what you wore
  • Play off everyone’s personalities. For example, Sara’s son loves “work boots” so incorporating a photogenic version of work boots will make him happy

Sara’s Picks

Clothing source links:
SaraDress from Abercrombie, booties from Target
JustinFlannel from Target, jeans from Target, shoes by Skechers
Girl dress from Gap, shoes from Gap
Boy sweatshirt from Gap, jeans from Gap, shoes from Target

Katie’s PIcks

Clothing Source Links:
Katie – Sweater from LOFT, skirt from LOFT, booties from toms
Travis – Flannel from J Crew Factory, jeans from Target, shoes by Sketchers
Girl – Dress from J Crew, Shoes from Target
Boy – Shirt from J Crew Factory, jeans from Gap, shoes from Target

Did you know that Old Navy and Gap have a “family matching” section? There may be other stores that do this too but recently just noticed this. On the mobile page, click the categories bar and “Matching for All” (Gap) and “Family Matching” (Old Navy) under each gender to access. This can help give you an idea of their pieces of clothing that coordinate with each other. Even if you don’t end up using these particular clothes, it can help you narrow down a cohesive look.

Now that the outfits are picked, let’s hope the kids can actually cooperate for the photos in a couple weeks! Best child bribery recommendations please 🙂

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