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Entryway Makeover + DIY Board and Batten

May 18, 2020

Entryway Makeover + DIY Board and Batten

May 18, 2020

[Katie here!] 2020 has been the craziest year for everyone. Normally in the springtime Sara and I are getting ready for our summer adventures. However, due to the pandemic and staying safe at home, we had to do something different with our time. This project started while I was sitting in my living room looking directly into my entryway and realizing how much I hated the light fixture I had. I also was sick of the decor in the entryway. Here’s a before pic for you.

Step 1: Fresh Paint everywhere

The first thing we did was paint the entire hallway and entryway a new color. The color that you see on the walls here was the original paint and our house is about 14 years old. The ceilings also had the same beige color as the wall. Painting the ceilings made a big difference right away and really brightened up the space. The color I painted on the walls is a Benjamin Moore color, Balboa Mist, that Sara recommended to me. I had it color matched at Sherwin Williams because that’s where I’ve always bought paint. It is a nice greige color.

step 2: Planning and inspiration

I knew I wanted to do a classic board and batten in my entryway. I’ve actually been wanting board and batten there since moving to this house. I spent about 2-3 weeks just thinking about it and planning and finding the right supplies. I really wanted to be able to do the board and batten following the Young House Love tutorial (link: YHL), Sara and I are both big fans of their account. The difference was that the walls they had didn’t have any texture and my walls were textured. The other tutorial I mostly followed was the Shanty 2 Chic tutorial. I have followed other tutorials from these ladies and found them very easy. After lots of research and multiple texts with Sara, I felt like I was ready to start my project.

Step 3: Supplies

I purchased a sample of each to make sure it would fit ok. My measuring skills aren’t perfect.

Luckily, we had all the tools we needed so the next thing I did was buy the supplies. I needed board to go up on the wall and hide the texture, and then battens, and a top board. In order to make things easy and save money, I used the existing baseboard. The problem was that my baseboard is 3/8″ thick and I didn’t want the board and batten to stick out from the existing baseboard. Due to the COVID pandemic, I searched online for all my materials and worked with what I could find.

For the flat board against the wall to hide the texture, I used this one here from Home Depot: hardboard. The cost is $10.25 for a 4′ x 8′ sheet. I bought 3 for my entryway. The reason I chose this hardboard was because it was already primed and only 1/8″ thick to sit on top of my baseboard.

For the battens, I bought these ones from Menards because Home Depot was sold out in our area.

The top board I bought was this one: top board. Our longest wall was just over 10′ long so we went with this so we wouldn’t have a seam in the top board. You could buy a cheaper board and sand it and prime it yourself but I chose this because all that work was already done for me and it was a nicer wood.

Tools we used:

  • Miter box saw
  • Jig saw
  • Nail gun
  • Circular saw
  • Stud finder
  • Level
  • Tape measure

(You could get away with just one circular saw and jigsaw if that’s all you had).

Step 4: Put it on the wall

Most of the tutorials we watched put the top board up first. We did that with the first wall. It was tricky for us because our floor and wall was very uneven and not level at all. It made for this process to be somewhat tedious.

I want hooks on the top board so we found studs and screwed the top board into studs.

Measuring for the outlet.

Next, we attached the flat hardboard to the wall using the nail gun. We did not use any glue. It was on there tight and not going anywhere after nailing into both studs and the drywall.
Note: we knew we wanted our battens 12″ apart, so a batten would end up on a seam of the hardboard. When planning yours, make sure you know how far apart you want your battens spaced. You can see in the photo below, we used painters tape to mark where the studs were to make nailing the board to the wall quicker

On the first wall, we had one outlet to work around. This is where we used the jigsaw. We measured out where the outlet would land on our dryboard and then cut out a hole for the outlet to fit through. Not being a very experienced DIYer, this was more challenging for me than it sound, haha. Tip – practice first!

Putting the battens up was simple and easy, we used wood glue and brad nails to attach the battens. Make sure they are straight going up.

Step 5: Wood filler and caulk

Once all the battens were up, it was time to caulk and wood fill. Sara and I worked on this together. Make sure you sand down the boards after using the wood filler.
Caulk Link: Click here
Wood filler: Click here

Filling in the holes and caulking the seams. This step is essential!

Step 6: Prime and paint

I sent my husband to Sherwin Williams for the paint and primer. He talked to the guy there who recommended this paint shown in the picture. It is expensive. I probably wouldn’t have purchased this if I went myself but I will say it went on well and smooth and matches our existing baseboard well.


We replaced the ugly light fixture that was in the entryway with the one shown in the photo below. The new light fixture definitely finished the space off nicely.

The light fixture shown is this one from West Elm.

We added a new light fixture to finish off the space and I love it!

The space still needs to be decorated and some finishing touches, but so far, I love it! I’m planning to take my time filling this space with pieces I really love and want long term.

Click below to see updated similar post on how we styled this entryway.

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