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Cute Pajama Sets for Cooler Weather

August 21, 2021

Cute Pajama Sets for Cooler Weather

August 21, 2021

As we make the transition from summer to fall (we’re not ready!), so do our pajamas. Over the last couple years, especially with more frequent weekend getaways together, we’ve each upgraded our pajama wardrobe a bit from the old ratty high school sports tees and boxer shorts to more coordinated and socially acceptable sets!

We’ve been asked by several people for recommendations on comfortable, but cute, pajamas to wear when spending nights away from home with other people / families. I was recently at Target and spotted some new styles and colors in some of our past favorite pajama sets and thought it’d be great to share with you all!

New Pajamas for Fall and Winter

Many of these come in various options as far as sizing (plus-size options), colors, and style (wide-leg versus joggers, shorts versus pants) so make sure to dig around on the website. Several of the pajama set tops are easily passable with jean shorts or joggers in public too, making them a very versatile option for fall and winter.

We find this brand runs mostly true-to-size, but would consider sizing down for a more fitted look. Sara is wearing a size small in everything.


This set was a favorite and came home with me! I loved the colors available and it was hard to choose. The lightweight crewneck top is versatile enough to wear in public, and I loved the softness of the shorts.


Another very versatile set that is so soft and cozy! I loved the fit of this top and makes a great summer night sweatshirt as well. The pants in the photo are size X-Small, as the store was out of stock in my normal size Small.


Katie bought this set last fall and loved it so much – happy to see it return for 2021 as well. It’s a sweater material and the V-neckline offers something a little different from the others.

TOP | PANTS | SHORTS (not shown)

This is a great set for the holidays, as it comes in a green stripe as well as a red stripe. For more versatility year-round, there are some solid color options as well as wide-leg pants or shorts.

For these and more, here’s some of our favorite pajamas from Target:

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