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Adventure Apparel for the Cold Weather

November 4, 2020

Adventure Apparel for the Cold Weather

November 4, 2020

We rounded up some of the gear we have been loving this fall and early winter to share with you. If you’re looking for some gear to add to your collection for all of your adventures, this list is for you!

OUTerwear – jackets and vests


Funnel Neck Funnel Fleece. This jacket is relatively cheap but warm and a great option for layering. I’ve worn it with a vest, hats and some warm mittens. This would be comfortable for a hike on a warmer winter day and not too bulky. Katie (on the right) is wearing this jacket in the photo below and it is sold out, but a similar style by the same brand is linked here.

Left: CirrusLite 2.0 Down Parka
Right: Funnel Neck Fleece Jacket (similar linked here)

On Sara (left), is another jacket we recommend, the Eddie Bauer CirrusLite 2.0 Down Parka. Sara has had this coat for 2 years now. With a long torso, it can be hard to find jackets long enough, but this jacket does the trick. Not too long, not too short. It has been worn hiking, biking, and out for drinks 🙂

North Face Vest: This is a new purchase for Katie. I’ve worn it a couple times and love it. Highly recommend for the cooler months in the spring and fall. This vest is pretty warm and not as lightweight as this North Face one, which is also a practical layering piece. Even if you don’t buy one of these vests, I highly recommend a vest to add to your collection some day.


Top: Merino wool baselayer
Bottom: Sightscape Horizon Jogger

First, when talking about tops, let’s talk base layers. This is an important detail when staying warm when the temps are really cold. We prefer to layer up under jackets with a good quality baselayer, then add to it with sweatshirts, jackets, and/or vests. We like lightweight and thin options that still add warmth. You can find these at all price points (Old Navy and Target have some great budget options, as well as Athleta, Under Armour, and Eddie Bauer for some pricier but better quality choices).

Merino Wool Top: The top shown on Katie in the picture above is this one here. It is merino wool, making it an ideal option for a baselayer. It’s been worn several times and I can attest to it keeping me warm. This top is in on the pricier side, which is to be expected with merino wool.
Pros: soft, really warm, flattering fit, washes well, layers well
Cons: cost, limited color selection (not sure this is really a con, when its a baselayer?)

Hybrid Fleece Pullover: This pullover is lightweight and breathable, yet warm. It has a fun side zipper creating some interest. This pullover fits nicely over any baselayer and would keep you warm under a coat without being too bulky.



I think new bottoms are what we really focused on for this season. We both felt like we were lacking in the best bottoms for adventures with cooler weather. We have leggings for days, but we wanted to go a step beyond that.

Polar Fleece Lined Pants: Do these pants look a little dorky and like “mom” pants? Well, yes, a little. Do we care if it keeps us warm?… not really ;-). These pants are so warm and lined with fleece. We were skeptical about them and thought they might not be good for walking because they would be too rigid. We were wrong and they are very stretchy! These will be on repeat all winter!

Pull-on Joggers: we each have a few pairs of pull-on lightweight joggers that we like and they can easily be layered with some warmer fleece leggings or long underwear underneath.

Fleece-Lined Leggings: we’ve each got a couple inexpensive pairs of fleece leggings, as they can be worn alone or underneath other pants for extra warmth


footwear – shoes and boots

Another thing we’ve learned in our 30-some years of life is the importance of good footwear for the occasion. We spend our summers in comfortable sandals (Reef flip flops and Birkenstock sandals (Katie) and Sara’s) and hiking shoes and our winters in waterproof and warm boots! Here’s a few of our favorites over the years:

Hiking shoes: we both prefer hiking shoes that look like sneakers versus hiking boots. We aren’t crazy adventure hikers, so we just want a pair of shoes that keep our feet dry and comfortable but look okay when we stop somewhere for lunch or run errands. Katie’s had her shoes for almost 10 years and they’re still in great shape, so Sara went off Katie’s recommendation and got the most recent style of them:

Merrel Siren 3Edge 3 Waterproof Hiking Shoe (left) / Katie’s on right are same style, but old

Winter boots: again, we need comfort, waterproof, and warmth. We’ve each got a few different pairs of boots that we wear, depending on the occasion. Here are a few of our favorites for outdoor adventures:



accessories – hats, bags, and other

Just as important as the right outwear apparel is the right accessories. We have a variety of favorite hats, socks, mittens, and bags that we’ll link below:



  • Smartwool – we love so many of their different styles depending on the use
  • Darn Tough – again, many styles. And they’re guaranteed for life so you can replace them if they get holes in them


Bags: these bags come with us on every occassion


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