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Cambridge, WI: Experience a Pizza Farm!

August 4, 2021

Cambridge, WI: Experience a Pizza Farm!

August 4, 2021

Earlier this spring, we compiled a list of “pizza farms” in Wisconsin on our Instagram feed and found a lot of really great places. We’d been wanting to try one for a while and had the perfect summer night this past Sunday to do so! We don’t need to remind anyone, but summer is coming to a close and you need to start crossing off those remaining bucket list items! This was one of ours.

Lake Ripley at Ripley Park, Cambridge WI

Last summer, we’d visited a new-to-us beach in Cambridge, Wisconsin (about 30 minutes outside of Madison) and had a great day. The post is here, if interested:

Ripley Beach in Cambridge, Wisconsin

Beautiful Lake Ripley in Cambridge, Wisconsin

We decided to return to this beach since it was a nice, warm day and Lake Ripley had recently gotten the all-clear in water testing. The sand area seemed even nicer this year, the water was warm and clean, and there was a new playground for the kids. Ripley Park has a couple large shelter areas for rent, as well as decent bathrooms. There is a small fee of $2 per adult and $1 per child upon entering the park.

Biking in Cambridge, WI

Cambridge, WI is known for its mountain bike trails at CamRock County Park as well as the Glacial Drumlin State bike trail. We opted not to bring our bikes on this “adventure day” since we figured we’d run out of time. A fun day was had at the beach and we packed up our gear around 4pm and made the 10-minute drive to Sprouting Acres Farm for pizza night!

Visit a Pizza Farm near Madison, Wisconsin!

Pizza Night is held at the farm the first and third Sundays from May through October from 2:30pm – 8pm. Live music is also happening on these days – check their website for bands.

Tips for Pizza Night before you go:

If you go, here’s what you need to know:

    • The Sprouting Acres website and social media channels highly recommend pre-ordering through their website, as well as the employees we talked to. While they do allow walk-in orders, we arrived at 4:15 and they only had a few pizzas left. Even so, we were told it’d be about an hour wait for our pizzas which we’d anticipated. Unfortunately, our friends checked on their order after two hours and it hadn’t even made it’s way into the oven. (They ended up leaving, but were nicely refunded the money for their pizza and given a few cookies and a salad for the inconvenience)
    • Pre-Orders: order your pizza in the online shop BEFORE 8:00pm Saturday (the night before).
    • Pizza was good. The kids didn’t love it, but we were really there for the atmosphere anyways
  • Bring your own lawn chairs
    • There were several picnic tables set up, but it was nice to have our own chairs and a blanket on the ground for the kids
  • No carry-ins
    • There is a small bar with beer, wine, and sodas. The guys loved the beer selection, although there were long lines at times.
  • Enjoy the night of easy parenting 🙂
    • There were so many activities on the farm for the kids! They loved the scavenger hunt, bean bag toss, ladderball, sandbox full of toys, and plenty of room to run around. Wear shoes/sandals – the grass was longer in the back area and the (barefoot) kids said the grass was pokey.
Scavenger hunt for the kiddos is just one of the many activities to keep them busy here!
Quintessential Wisconsin July evening: pizza on a farm, drinking beer with live music!
When you get to watch your pizza being made!

We definitely recommend this simple adventure shortly outside of Madison for a fun afternoon and evening. For more activity inspiration, make sure to check out the “Adventure of the Week” section under the WISCONSIN tab in our blog header!

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