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Adventure Bag: Ready for Any Summer Day Trip

June 15, 2020

Adventure Bag: Ready for Any Summer Day Trip

June 15, 2020

Something Sara and I have both adopted is having an “adventure bag” ready to go at all times. It makes getting out the door so much easier and less stressful when you’re heading out for a day of fun. We take these everywhere, even if we don’t anticipate swimming because you never know when you might need a change of clothes.

[For reference, our children are 2, 4, 6, & 7]

Even if you need to move things to a bigger or smaller bag, it’s nice to have everything ready to go and easy to move. We are huge fans of packing cubes to help keep you organized and easily grab what you need.

We created a quick list of things we like to have handy including PPE (personal protective equipment) in case we need to go inside anywhere.

Sara’s Bag:

Here’s a quick shot of Sara’s adventure bag. You can see she’s got a few towels, wipes, packing cubes with swimsuits for the kids, the blue/white striped bag is a wet bag with sunscreen & bug spray inside, and a clean change of clothes for the kids if needed.

Links to what’s in Sara’s Bag:

Tote Bag – CleverMade SnapBasket Collapsible Luxe Tote
Wet Bag – Amazon
Packing Cubes – Amazon or Target
Quick-Dry Towels – Dock and Bay
Goggles – Speedo Kids Googles

Katie’s Bag:

A quick peek inside Katie’s bag. Very similar to what’s in Sara’s. The striped pouch has diapers and a package of wipes (one swim diaper too), two towels, wet bag with sunscreen bug spray, goggles, bandaids. There is also the white packing cube which has a change of clothes including long sleeves for both kids, their swimming suits, and sunglasses.

Links to what’s in Katie’s bag

Blue Bag – Daytripper bag from Birdling (currently on sale!)
Wet bag – Mine was from a small boutique. Here’s a similar one. (note – the wet bag is nice for sunscreen and bug spray incase something spills, it will be contained. Here’s another option
Packing cubes – Target.
Towels – Sand Cloud
Pouch for diapers and wipes is old from Madewell. (no link. sorry!) Packing cubes work great too.

I like to keep water bottles ready to go along with a pouch of snacks too that I can just grab and throw in the bag. If we will be gone longer, we will pack up a quick cooler. Hope this helps you so you’re always ready for your next adventure!

PS – Check out our post here for what’s in our hiking packs.

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