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Sara & Katie

About us

Hi! We’re Sara and Katie and we have a lot in common, if you haven’t figured that out by now.

After a few family vacations together, (wait, can you call them “vacations” when you take your kids along?) we would get asked by friends and family to share some recommendations and itineraries from the trips. When planning these trips, there wasn’t a lot online about how to make these trips smoother in various locations with young kids in tow – that’s why this blog was created. We’re here for the big adventures and the little moments.

We were born and raised in Wisconsin and will be sharing some inspiration about fun things to do near and far from here. We’ll also share some tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years and show that it CAN be mostly enjoyable to travel with your kids (free tip #1 – alcohol helps) . We will be keeping it real and genuine – traveling with kids is usually pretty great and we manage to have a lot of fun together regardless, but there will also be plenty of the “we’ll laugh about this someday but right now it’s not funny” stories when things get downright ugly.

And because we’re suckers for anything cute / quaint / charming / low-key, you’ll find plenty of that on this blog too. You know the memes of girls who bust out their fall scarves and Uggs and carry around their pumpkin spice lattes in August? We’re sort of like them…but cooler.

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Sara & Katie

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