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2021 Gift Guide: For Kids

November 9, 2021

2021 Gift Guide: For Kids

November 9, 2021

Our kids ages range between 4 and 8, each of us having one older girl and a younger boy. They each have their own interests and gift ideas, but we compiled some of the popular ones between all the kids.

Generally, we try to follow the idea of “something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read” with a few gifts from us and a few from Sana. In our own families, the kids receive gifts from several extended family members as well, so we keep it pretty simple and thoughtful!

We chose gifts in various price points but all links should be free shipping and generally from stores that ship relatively quickly. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

This post contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission at no cost to you! The opinions are our own and we’ll only share products we use and love ourselves.

Gathering Twigs 2021 Gift Guide for Kids (links below)

25 Gift Ideas for Younger Kids

  1. Hoverboard $159
    This is the one item the older kids have consistently asked for every time on their wish lists. While it does feel a bit gimmicky and looks like a potential safety hazard, it’s something they are really wanting this year!
  2. Lounge Chairs $135-195
    For the younger kids, the Anywhere Chair is such a fun gift to give a little one. All of our kids received these chairs when they were babies as gifts from grandmas and they’ve lasted for years. We’re now at the point where they’re ready for something bigger, so the Bean Bag Chairs are on the list. Both the Anywhere Chair and the Bean Bag Chairs come in various fabrics and styles, with personalization options too. (Not chair-related, but we also love the sleeping bags. These would also make a great gift!)
  3. Movie Projector $65
    During the cold Wisconsin winters we love to have movie nights, but we also love to have movies during the warmer months too! A movie projector is a great idea to make movie night fun and exciting, whether you’re watching indoors or out.
  4. Indoor S’mores Maker $35
    Perfect addition to the movie projector, this indoor s’mores maker lets them enjoy these campfire treats year-round! The heating element does get hot so needs supervision, but the storage caddy around the outside is very nice at keeping it all organized.
  5. Ribbon Ninja $20
    The kids are always running around the house playing “ninjas” so they’ll be super excited to see this under the tree. A spin-off of flag football, this game allows up to six kiddos to try and capture the ribbons off each others wrists ninja-style.
  6. Junior Kayak $115
    Each of our families have one of the kid’s size kayaks. We tried them for the first time at a small resort in Minnesota and the kids spent hours paddling around the lake. Even though it’s not very instant gratification as Wisconsin kids, it’s still a fun and practical gift they can use all summer long. (Life jackets would also make a good gift addition!)
  7. Hammock $25
    These hammocks are packable and easy to bring along. The harness hangs easily on a tree and holds an adult as well. Even though they’ll each have their own, they’ll still all end up piled in the same hammock trying to tip each other out… 🙂
    Here’s another option for a lightweight and packable hammock.
  8. Fort Building Kit $42
    If your kids are anything like ours, they’re always building forts. This kit gets great reviews and we love that they aren’t stealing our furniture to construct forts!
  9. Hydration Backpack $60
    The kids received these last year and they came in handy during some hot hikes while we were out in Washington. Each kid was able to carry their own water, snack, and had room for a sweatshirt. Looking for a budget option? This one for $30 has also been great for the older kids.
    If you don’t need a lot to pack in the backpack, this one for $50 is lighter and a good size for a 6-8 yr old, Katie’s daughter has this one.
  10. Luggage $95
    Half the fun of traveling as a kid is pulling your own wheeled suitcase, right? By investing in a nicer piece of luggage for the kids, it makes jobs easier as parents too. Win win!
  11. Scratch Off Map $23
    This is a unique way for the kids to keep track of where they’ve been. It can be put inside a frame and hung on the wall to keep safe until the next adventure.
  12. Winter Sporting Goods
    Living in Wisconsin, we get our money’s worth from winter sporting goods and it pays to buy the nicer quality stuff. Our favorite sledding tubes are these Sonic Snow Tubes. While they are pricey, they are made with heavy-duty rubber and withstand multiple runs down the sledding hill. Other ideas for winter include ice skates and skis (check some of the local pre-owned sporting goods stores or online sale boards!). Don’t forget the snow goggles as a great addition to the winter gift!
  13. Kids Fit Bit $59
    An interactive way for the kids to tell the time, track their steps, tell time, track sleep and set reminders.
  14. Pop Up Soccer Goal $30
    For the backyard soccer games that we often have, these goals are nice and sturdy, yet fold down into a bag for easier storage.
  15. Football $12 and Kicking Tee $18
    We’ve owned MANY footballs and this one is a favorite between the kids and the adults. It’s the perfect smaller size for younger kids and isn’t too hard. This kicking tee is also really nice.
  16. Rainbow Loom $15
    Our girls are a little late in the game, but they’ve taken a new and strong interest in Rainbow Loom crafting! There are a million kits out there, but we started with this one since they primarily like to make bracelets and plan to replenish the bands as they use them.
  17. Gemstone Mining Kit $20
    This kit was a hit last year and the “excavating” actually kept them busy for a long time. It did get messy, but we put everything in a tray while they chipped away at the rock as they dig for fossils. Plus, the gems come with a book to help the kids identify their treasures. The National Geographic brand has SO many good science kits if they’re into something other than gems, too.
  18. Board Games – we’re big board game families and have played many over the years. We find the kids love the classic games, like Monopoly Junior $12, Catan Junior $18, and Ticket to Ride $23 (The adult versions of all of these are favorites too!). A few newer favorites include 5 Second Rule $17, Zingo $20, Silly Street $25, and Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza $10.
  19. Lego Gadget Book $20
    Legos keep our kids busy for hours, and as long as they don’t leave them laying out in the living room waiting for a parent to step on, we love it! This book has got some fun building ideas, and we love these neutral-colored storage boxes for all the pieces.
  20. Piki Bike $70
    This toddler-size “motorcycle” is always a hit with the neighborhood. It’s non-electric with no fancy bells or whistles, but the bike is surprisingly sturdy. It’s got big plastic tires and can be used indoors on carpet too. The 8-year olds cruise up and down the driveway in it, but it’s rated for <70 lbs.
  21. Kids Fishing Pole $40 and Tackle Box $15
    We spend a lot of time around water. Fishing poles and tackle boxes have been gifted to each of our kids in previous years. It’s a great thing to have on hand for the random day that you’re looking for something to do and want to get outdoors. Don’t forget the tackle box!
  22. Boxer Robot $35
    An exciting gift last year, this cute little robot is interactive and can do tricks and play games based on the included activity cards.
  23. Instax Mini Camera $60
    The girls each have their own camera and it’s a creative way for them to remember their trips. The film can get pricey but the girls have learned to ration it out. We love using these photos to include in their travel journals (free printable book here!).
  24. Remote Control Dinosaur $38
    For the dino-loving kiddos, this remote control T-Rex stomps and claws around, as well as light-up eyes and sounds.
  25. Stocking Stuffers – a few fun stocking stuffers include:
    Ink-A-Doo tattoo pens, Paint by Sticker books, PopIts, Magic 8 Ball and bath toys like these Bath Bombs, color Bath Dropz and Body Wash Slime! These are always a hit with all our kids.

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