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Always Planning Something…our 2020 Goals

December 30, 2019

Always Planning Something…our 2020 Goals

December 30, 2019
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Part of what makes us so close as friends is our love of an “adventure”, as Travis likes to call it, and our shared balance between spontaneity and having a plan. Some days, we pick up and head out for a day trip. Other times, it’s a much more planned out trip or weekend away. With a new year comes specific intentions (thanks Nicole!) and aspirations for the upcoming year.  Along with all the popular “exercise and eat healthy” resolutions out there, we’ve got some plans for this blog (no, we will not be selling our houses and living out of a 15-passenger van – we aren’t spontaneous enough for that, although sort of envy people who can!).

New Years Eve 2019

Often times, the first thing our kids say on a weekend morning is, “are we going to see friends today? What are we doing today?”.  In fact, the girls are currently playing pretend together and packing their suitcases for a “trip to California”. Our hearts turn into big puddles when the kids reference back to something we did or saw on a previous vacation.  It makes all the time working hard, setting aside vacation money, and traveling worthwhile. Would we love to have new kitchen countertops, a new vehicle, or all kinds of fabulous new outfits we could direct our followers to buy?  Maybe. But this is what is important to us at this stage of our lives. People have asked why we do all these things when our kids are too young to remember them all, but we answer with the fact that WE will have the memories even if they don’t.  

shores of lake michigan
Testing out the icy cold water in Lake Michigan
4 mile bike ride in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin
First day of hiking in Steamboat Springs, CO on the Mad Creek Trail in the Mount Zirkel Wilderness
12,000 feet elevation at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

In 2020, we are hoping to further instill in our kids the desire to explore new places and try new things. So, we set a goal to explore a new place / town at least once a month.  (The husbands are always up for adventures so they don’t need much convincing. Bonus if the adventures are cheap and involve cocktails and/or sunshine 🙂

torch lake, michigan boat rental
Pontoon rental on Torch Lake in Michigan

Some places will be nearby day trips, other places will be further away and for a longer period of time.  We’ll be budget-conscious, knowing that sometimes the best memories come from the spontaneous outings. Not everything will go as planned or be the perfect day but we’re hopeful to finish out the next year with some new memories together.

We love the simple things and relaxing moments, so not everything we share will include a jam packed itinerary (in fact, we aren’t much for a fixed itinerary). We plan to bring you along on this journey throughout 2020.  We’ll share what went well, what the kids enjoyed, and what we would and wouldn’t recommend. When we have any good tips or lessons learned, we will share those too. We hope you will follow along and share some of your own adventures with us – we’re always looking for new ideas!  (Some of our best ideas come from a cute picture shared Instagram over a bottle of wine at the table together!)

Fisherman’s Island State Park in Charlevoix, Michigan –
we read this was the best place to catch a sunset and had to confirm for ourselves.
Spoiler alert: it is.

A few things we have coming up in 2020: 

  • Exploring some (new to us) Wisconsin towns for kid-friendly activities and restaurants, including hiking some sections of the Ice Age Trail, festivals, camping, and seasonal events we come across
  • An adult night away in downtown Chicago
  • A beach vacation to escape Wisconsin winter and find some sunshine and warmer weather (hopefully!)
  • Cabin rental over a weekend in Door County, Wisconsin this summer with several families
  • A new mountain town this summer (road trip!)
Exploring downtown Grand Lake, Colorado

RESHARE some of the places we’ve been:

  • Boulder Junction, Wisconsin
  • New Glarus, Wisconsin
  • Baraboo, Wisconsin
  • Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  • Charlevoix, Michigan
  • and a few new posts on some of our previous trips (Banff, Arizona, Florida, and some local Wisconsin day trips)
anchored up at Torch Lake Sandbar
Aqua waters of Torch Lake in Michigan

*We’re often asked by friends and family about our past activities and travels and it’s fun to share all our info with them. If there is anybody that you think would like to follow along, we’d love if you’d share our site with them!*

Grand Lake, Colorado at Trail Ridge Marina

Cheers and Happy New Year!
– Sara and Katie

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